Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stratford : Balzac's

Finally, a long weekend with sun and mild temperatures. To the west we go. Stop-over : Stratford. There are so many reasons why people go to Stratford. Theatre, chocolates, aboriginal art and the list goes on.

We wanted to try something truly Stratford.  So, why not tea and coffee in the original and first Balzac's Coffee shop? This shop which opened in 1996 was just right along Ontario Street, where we parked. We had cinnamon bun topped with cream, blueberry muffin, tea and of course Balzac's coffee.

The place was not Victorian-like cozy and there were no dainty teacups. The place however was perfect for people who must be there for shows, discuss art, actors/actresses maybe, and even for hurrying tourists like us. The place offers a choice. You can be in a corner with your friends, sit on a  round table just for two, or by the window watching people pass by.

The cinnamon bun turned out very good and so was the coffee. Loved the wall posters, coffee tins along the wall, even the coffee kettle high above near the ceiling.And then it occurred to me, I will start a coffee cup sleeve collection - starting with the one I got from Balzac's. Some ideas just come out from anywhere - specially when you are sipping coffee.

 Photos from Balzac site.

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  1. sipping coffee at the nation's coffee capital must be just as inspiring!