Friday, March 14, 2014

Being Cheesy - Movies

Dear M,

There are times when you want to be cheesy and corny. You want to bond with a friend. Then you go watch a Pinoy movie. It's been a long time, I have not seen one and a long time I have not seen a Piolo movie. (haha!)

Anyway, let this be my first sentence : guapo pa rin si papa P. Although mas gusto ko pa rin ang mga roles na "brusko" sya, yung tipong maginoo pero medyo bastos. The acting has not diminished - still very good. I cannot say same for Toni G. I felt there is no chemistry between them, no matter how hard the movie tried. Maybe that was the reason I did not feel na sayang sa end. I like Toni's face though, dili maganda pero may appeal. Acting lang kulang to pit with d Piolo. 

I love the opening credits and the storyline. Back to the acting, the tabaching was OK, but the mestiza one Wella yata was so dry. One thing good about the movie was it veered away from the usual bakla na friend or sidekick ng bida. That would be too over used na, korni na kaayo. The script was well written, I liked even some of the lines. Some scenes were too long like the drinking session of Ginny and Wella, then the hospital scene of Marco and Ginny. Some scenes were so unrealistic but of course for comedy purposes. The movie had to cater to the masang pinoy, dili gyud puede serious palagi. 

The movie reminded me that when something does not work, there is a reset, reboot button. Wish it was that easy.We can't have it all and some things are just not meant to be. The Pinoy movie world has changed. They now dare make movies where there is no "they lived happily ever after". Maybe, the still lived happily ever after - but with different partners. How true to life. How realistic.

I heard the movie made lots of money. What's next then for Papa P?

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