Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ode to TIFF

Goodbye WinterGarden Theatre and Hyatt Regency Hotel. Perfect choices for my volunteer shifts. Goodbye Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, Bell Lightbox and Scotiabank theatre. Your wide screen, spacious aisles and comfy chairs made viewing 15 movies in 4 days such a breeze.

Goodbye Starbucks blond and bold, and FIJI bottled water. Awake and hydrated you made me. Goodbye professional TIFF captains and fellow dedicated volunteers who I may or may not meet again. (eats and booze, Monday night, yeah!!)

Goodbye loyal TIFFers who braved long, sometimes confusing line ups, chilling winds, or hot humid weather. The teacher, the electrician, the restaurant server. Our chit chat and exchanges always add character to this yearly event.

With volunteering this year, another bucket list item is ticked. Time to fold the bright orange shirt. 365 days until the next one. For now, it is a wrap!

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