Monday, May 27, 2013

The Murals of Islington

Thanks to the 2013 Doors Open Toronto, I would never have given Islington a visit. Out of 150 buildings and sites I had to choose from, I decided to take the "Islington Village Walking Tour".

A good 90 minutes spent basking in the sun yet with very chilly winds. And the best thing about going to these events alone is one gets to meet a lot of interesting people. Like my new photographer friend who turned out to be a retired physicist. And our tour guide who was a retired nuclear engineer. What a way to channel the inner artist in me. (Ha!)

Just a few of the 25 murals in the village. Most of the murals were painted by John Kuna, a local artist and also by Arts Etobicoke and Sarah Collard.

 A portion of "AFTERMATH" by John Kuna. 2011

  A Pub With No Beer by John Kuna. 2009
I love how this is below a real pub/restaurant.

Reflections. My favorite portion of the mural "Islington, The Way We Were" by John Kuna. 2006

The full mural.

 Gordon's Dairy by John Kuna. 2008

 Goofing by "Battersby March" by John Kuna.

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