Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hungry Bear Motel - French County

Also at French River County is a Trading Post. Native products, restaurants, and 2 motels are nearby. This is where we spent our first night. (Not in the car, as imagined).
The Hungry Bear Motel was a revelation. Clean and affordable. There was WiFi and the room had 2 double beds. It was equipped with a microwave, a mini fridge and a stove.

But the nicest thing about Hungry Bear Motel was the pack of ice they provide free of charge to all guests. I find it very convenient as most guests are travelers who still have along trip ahead. A pack of ice for your cooler was for me a sign that management knows their clientele and has their needs in mind. What a lovely gesture. 

I would recommend this motel whenever you travel north.

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