Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Old Is Old?

How old is old? Incalculable.
A 12 year old girl is not old enough to have a boyfriend - but she is already old enough to take care of her younger brother. Is she old?

How old is old? Immeasurable.
Museum artifacts can be from 200 years ago. Old by today’s standards, but add another 200 years and they will still be old. Time can not determine their oldness.

How old is old? Infinity.
Take a young baby. The very minute after they are born, they become old. A day old, a month old, a year old. Old, until -- they grow old.

So, how old is old?
When one wishes to rest, to surrender, to let go, and leave everything else to the next generation…that is old. Being old is not a “how” question to be determined by numbers but a “when” question which only the mind and body can appraise.

How old am I? Ageless.

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This is my entry to Cathara's birthday contest and in response to Kreez' tag. I simply cannot refuse an expectant mom.
I am also tagging the following bloggers if they are up to the challenge : Kalidadis, Ms. Blah-Blah, Amateur's View, Julito and Ms. Nortehanon.

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  1. wow. i appreciate you joining my contest:) how odd that you described old as old but when you asked yourself about my question, you said ageless:D lol. that could either be too old or not.

    btw, have you already subscribed to my feeds and let those youve tagged know about this?:D

    nice meeting you!